Shiksha Valley Public School, Delhi, is an English Medium School for boys and girls, registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 No. S-512 of 1951-52. It is open to children of all communities with a special responsibility for the underpriviledged children. This school is recognized by the Directorate of Education, Haryana State and affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education ( Affiliation No. 530210 and School Code No. 4231).

The aim of this School is to provide an all round formation of students and to impart sound education by inculcating healthy study habits, discipline, self-reliance and moral values. The school also aims at forming students of quality to be leaders in all walks of life and serve their fellow human beings in Justice, Truth and Love. Special attention is given to develop the students’ personality, initiative, originality and sense of national integration through co-curricular activities, individually and in groups. Great importance is given to a high standard of morality and discipline.

It is an age-old convention for organizations and institutions like schools and colleges to have their own specific motto which distinguishes them from one another. The motto of a school not only makes transparent the institution’s selfidentity but also delineates its spirituality and the noble causes it espouses. This motto is invariably inscribed within the emblem of the school which has its distinctive thrust and significance that students are expected to imbibe.
This School has its own motto inscribed on the top and bottom of the emblem. The two Latin expressions, Quis ut Deus and Fortes in Fide. respectively mean “who is like God” and “strength in faith”.

The emblem of the School enshrines the following symbols, namely, the shield, the cross, the balance and the sword. The SHIELD stands for victory. The CROSS stands for sacrifice. The BALANCE stands for justice. The SWORD stands for strength.