Smart and Logical Learning is an "Universal Learning Management System" !!!

Idea is to help and not only make Profit

Our Teachers/Trainers need to learn - How to Use/Operate Learning Management System

Learning Management Systems are just a kind of website like i.e. Blogging Websites, Templated Websites and E-Commerce Websites. As we know that if we want to do blogging then we need a blogging paltform and if we want to sell anything online then we need to have an E-Commerce website, likewise if we want to teach/train/educate online then we need a LMS as a Platform so that we could do all that is required to sum-up a successful training.

As of today we can see many succesful LMS being run arround world for creating an ecosystem of education at national or international level. Smart and Logical Learning trives to fit in that segment by enabling people related to education or training to be able to use online technology at minimum running cost (if possible free but we are still working on that mechnism).

We are putting every effort to make the following possible:-

  • To bring Teachers/Trainers/College and Universities online for teaching and sharing content
  • Students should get an Universal MCQ Question Bank for any given examination conducted in India
  • Student to get best Counselling
  • Students to get to read best National Level News Papers Free of Cost
  • Studnets to get to read best acclaimed books free of Cost
  • Teachers/Trainers/College and Universities get to practice - How to use LMS effectively and efficiently
  • Make LMS service so reachable in terms of its usage and functionality, that the end product which is "Education" becomes highly sclable, reachable and very much affordable and at the same time highly profitable for individulas involved.

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