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We offer the best, most robust, latest and most enhanced Moodle Learning Management System to our users

WHAT WE OFFER We offer the best Moodle Services

Student Teacher Login

Its a paid platform as “Teachers” by default get Video Conferencing Facility enabled on their account and they have no limitations at all.

What a MASTER Gets:-
1 Dedicated Category
1 Dedicated Private File Area
Create Unlimited Sub Categories
Create Unlimited Courses in All Sub-Categories
1 Dedicated Category Page
Create Unlimited Courses
Create Unlimited Quizzes
Create Unlimited Assignments
Create Video Tutorials
Conduct Unlimited Live Classes
Write Unlimited Digital Books
Sell at Flat 15% Commission

What a Student Gets:-
Free To Navigate complete LMS Platform



Student Login
Student ₹120.00

Per Year

Teacher Login
Master ₹590.00

/ month