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Who We Are

We strongly promote sharing content to learner with the help of LMS as it has the power and capacity to convert it into an engaging activity that can be tracked by the LMS system for reporting. Reporting is a strong tool to measure the learning taking place.

The team which is behind Smart and Logical Learning has more than 20 years of combined experience in creating Learning Management Systems for all kinds of organisations and institutions. We understand the requirements of creating an online learning ecosystem at all level and for all level of learners. Not only creating the LMS systems but also in creating the components that are required to run that ecosystem in an effective and efficient manner.

Smart & Logical Learning is mainly into skilling about how to handle your own Learning Management System. We offer services ranging from creating custom LMS, creating courses on LMS, creating engaging content, gamification, conducting various kinds of online examinations and most importantly – how to manage and update your LMS on your own without any external help.

We make sure that you are not only running the LMS system but also understanding the mechanism that is behind it so that you could enjoy it rather than it being a bring activity.

  • Sep 2015

    Inception of Sllearning

    Very small idea as in what we were going to do with a lot at disposal we started it at last

  • Sep 2015

    First Project

    First Project was to install moodle on local server and make it run

  • Oct 2015

    First International Project

    A Fresh Moodle installation along with a little customization as in : no moodle logo anywhere and a Customized Home page

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